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Discover the Top 10 selection - !Nothing is lost... everything is transfromed challenge!

Posted by Leila Ojjeh (Admin) May 26, 2014 Posted in "Nothing is lost... everything is transformed" by Nitto

The selection has been tough! Discover the Top 10 ideas going to the next phase… You have 2 days to vote on these ideas and make them crispier to influence the final selection!

After 3 weeks of brainstorming the „Nothing is lost… everything is transformed“ idea generation phase is now closed! With 81 active participants, 81 great ideas and 674 comments, the harvest has been great… We have been amazed by the quality of the contributions and involvement of the community ! Thank you !

On June 3rd, the Jury will announce the Top 3 winning ideas. The top contributors and innovators will be invited to a ceremony to celebrate the end of the challenge and get rewarded! Stay tuned!

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