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IT & e-Business Strategy 2015


Welcome to the first crowdsourcing exercise of the IT & e-Business Strategy course!

Idea generation starts on Monday 02 November and will end on Sunday 29 November (midnight).

We would like you to propose a topic for the class to be held on Monday December 14. The topic should be

    •    Related to the aims, domains, and areas of the course

    •    Motivated (please write a ~100-word text, including possibly sources / links associated with the idea)

    •    Also, we encourage you to comment and vote on others’ ideas.

Finally, some important points:

    •    You should not post an idea already posted, thus each post should be different.
    •    By posting earlier, there is less likelihood that the ‘idea’ is already taken, don’t leave it to the last minute!
    •    At the end of the challenge we will reward the top five people in terms of engagement with the site (posting, commenting, etc.)!

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Unlike the other idea on targeted advertising, my idea is from the point of view of the 'Consumer'. In 2012, US retailer Target, was able to collect data, employ a team of statisticians and identify the moments in people's lives where they are open to or seeking new types of product. Target managed to find out women were pregnant, just from their shopping habits and credit card information, and started sending these women coupons for maternity products before they had even told their...

Aditya Daniel Manchala
by Aditya Daniel Manchala
2 Votes
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Aditya Daniel Manchala

Nowadays, many new ideas emerge and founders are more and more trying to look for financial ressources through crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. However, the number of projects is so big that many of them get lost in the mass. How can we optimize the visibility for each projet? Shoudn't we create more local platforms? for specific markets/countries? What about a mobile app version of this crowdfunding platforms with a "Like/dislike" system? A kind of instagram for new projets?  

Aicha Mezzour
by Aicha Mezzour
2 Votes
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Aicha Mezzour

It is deep in today's folklore that tech companies spy on their users. Google knows what you search and the sites that you browse. Apple knows where you are usually and who's nearby. Amazon knows your shopping habits. Etc etc. This stuff is spooky as it is, but personally for me it'd be interesting to learn the exact consequences of potentially yielding a huge amount of data about myself to these companies. I mean, obviously there's no big brother who cares about the content of my personal...

Eugene Burmako
by Eugene Burmako
5 Votes
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Eugene Burmako
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