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Big data to politics - insurances

My idea is to know politics will/have handle(d) the use  and regulation of big data. What are the risks of those big data related to be used by insurances.

Blagovesta Kostova Nov 19, 2015

Sounds interesting. Could you just clarify a little bit? And what kind of insurances?

Thibault Fovanna Nov 19, 2015

I was thinking about health insurance that could use for example data from sport watches.

Yumeng Hou Nov 22, 2015

It's and intersting idea to discuss. Especially, how to allow who access the data properly. And how to address the issues of privacy and security here. 

Mateo Dugand Nov 28, 2015

mHealth is one of the biggest trend nowadays. We worked on this during the "Industry dynamics & trends" course with Aicha and figured out that the countries that are the most likely to implement it are emergent countries and not developed ones as everyone think... Partially because of this lack of service from insurances and governments in the Health sector. 

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