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Beyond intermediaries, or what hides behind the e-currencies

The e-currency is no news nowadays. Yet, the technology behind bitcoin, or blockchain, is potentially so powerful that it can disrupt the way the e-business works. An infrastructural decentralization will leave behind the intermediaries (such as Facebook, Uber, Airbnb,..) and will rely on a peer-to-peer communication, thus, changing the domain completely. Recently, the financial sector started exploring the possibilities -  e.g., decentralizing ledgers, cross-border transactions, smart contracts - by investing substantial resources into research initiatives. A session on the future of the e-business, and even joined with other next generation ideas will be a great way to conclude the course.

Beyond intermediaries, or what hides behind e-currencies.

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Yumeng Hou Nov 22, 2015

As far as I know, they could also turn into a stock/funds transaction platform or even offering financial services, e.g. Alipay. But it's like the grey area in some countries, so may encounter some barriers.

Mateo Dugand Nov 28, 2015

To fix the "grey area" of borders, I think the future of e-currencies will be successful in regional ecosystems. Barcelona is trying to implement a local currency for some neighborhoods for example. Maybe you could try this... :) But i like the idea!