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Targeted advertising

My idea is to investigate how sales companies, online or not, use consumers datas to better satisfy them, and how this influence market shares. Knowing better their consumers' taste allow them to do targeted advertising directly on one's phone or in its mailbox, and even in the store itself, where by going past certain products likely to appeal the consumer, specific offers could appear on its phone.

Mateo Dugand Nov 28, 2015

Hi Cedric,

Here is a firm I know pretty well, they do something really close to what you describe and it is working very good: http://www.checkpos.com/

To  resume it, is it a big data treatment in order to improve your salesforce?


Cédric Michel-Grosjean Nov 28, 2015

Hi Mateo,

Yes exactly! This idea is to investigate how firms have to go under a big data analysis if they want to know more about their clients and if they want to sell more.

Your suggestion CheckPOS is actually really good! This tool is in fact useful for companies, as it let them capture and analyse in real time data. This could be our starting point for the class discussion.