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Tomorrow's gym ?

During long trips in the car, today we are obliged to sit down and our body’s burn close to zero calories (and for some people it can be even painful). For tomorrow, why not change this and give the possibility to do some physical activity while we are in the car? This could improve many people's health and well-being since the average population does not do enough physical exercise today and it has been shown that daily sport is very important for long and healthy life

edited on Feb 20, 2014 by Guy White

Stéphane FERON Oct 14, 2013

What sort of physical activity can we imagine in the car ?

Nicholas Molyneaux Oct 14, 2013

I wasn't thinking about a football match, don't worry ;-) It can be anything from pilatus-style exercises, an adaptation of rowing machines, apartment bikes and so on. Many possibilities exist which could be adapted.
Using the time between work and home after a long day of work is an ideal moment for this sort of activity. It allows one to forget work and arrive home in a cleared stat of mind.

Michaël Thémans Oct 14, 2013

Which types of new features in the car's interior could facilitate the performance of such physical activities within a vehicle?

Winnaretta Zina Singer Oct 14, 2013

I could imagine something like power plates that could shake you into shape.

estelle chin Oct 14, 2013

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Catherine Gasnier Oct 14, 2013

We could imagine pedals that can fold and fit under the seat.

Marko Smiljkovic Oct 14, 2013

Imagine you put some, somehow removable, treadle under the steering wheel, just like in those cars for kids.
For long trips, you will be able to do some exercise without having to remove your hands from the steering wheel. Moreover, this will keep you awake!

Igor Ayrton Oct 14, 2013

The energy given away through exercise could even contribute to recharging the car's battery.
This could help compensate the growing need in electrical power of modern car's.

Véronique Bauler Oct 14, 2013

What about exercises for the passenger ? There is even no need to have sport accessories. There are a lot of little movements you can do to stretch your body and feel better. Just follow the specific program on the screen (which should be possible to drag in front of the passenger).

Julien Ghaye Oct 14, 2013

This is a good idea. I kinda imagine that the car could propose some stretching exercises after a long driving period. When you see how many drivers are extracting themselves out of their car, on highway rest area and start stretching every which way.
Proposing some efficient, targeted way on relaxing and going back in shape seems like something to look into.
- Could the onboard computer provides simple streching exercices to do (inside, on outside the car ... but good exerices).
- Could the steering column be moved out of the way, once the car is parked? Effectively freeing some space in front of the driver
- Also, if exercises are done within the car. The seat could adapt its shape, favoring a proper posture for some stretching exercises

Michaël Thémans Oct 14, 2013

Could we also think of interior's characteristics that would allow (i) reducing/mitigating stress that can occur while driving and/or (ii) improving driver's well-being?

Yong Wook Sin Oct 14, 2013

Ni, Nicolas.
There is a good reasonings behind your idea.
Do you have any specific idea of how to make people burn their calories inside a vehicle?

Véronique Bauler Oct 14, 2013

Oxygen is life. There are different technique, filters, ionization...
Could this be integrated between the ventilation or air-conditioning to enjoy better oxygen in the car ?

Guy White Feb 20, 2014

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Guy White Feb 20, 2014

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