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WYSWYG - What You See is What You Get in Picture

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How many times you are driving, enjoying a beautiful landscape with a rainbow, and can't stop to take a picture of it?

The idea is to use micro HD cams at each side of the car to take those kind of pictures from different views, doesn't matter your speed.

Then, you can synch them with you mobile devices to share them at different social media tools.

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In other countries like in Mexico, you could use those pics to take testimony of vandalism, robbery, etc.

Michaël Thémans Oct 15, 2013

How could this idea impact the car's interior?

Rafael CANO Oct 15, 2013

Wider windows with control panel for the pictures per seat (inside doors) to select certain basic functions (zoom, trigger, etc.)
The pics could be shown at any integrated screen at the main driving panel

estelle chin Oct 15, 2013

What would be the actual interest compared to using a camera not integrated in the car? this idea could be connected with the idea https://fusebox.atizo.com/projects/ideas/2789...-of-tom/idea/7/ and idea https://fusebox.atizo.com/projects/ideas/2789...f-tom/idea/114/.

Alexandre Gouin Oct 15, 2013

Your idea reminds me of this consumer device : http://getnarrative.com/
A camera that your clip to your shirt and that takes 2 pictures per minute to record your daily life. How could this enrich the concept ?