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Keren Wang
Keren Wang | Mar 5, 2014 | in Bühler "From Farm to Fork"

Another personal problem I have is, that sometimes I have a little bit left of something and I don't know what to do with it. I know - there is the internet, but I am lazy. What if you put recipes or simple solutions for people on the packaging, telling them what to do with there leftovers?

Zenghuan Shan Mar 5, 2014

It's a common practice to print receipt on the package for preparing food. But for left-overs..hmmm...

Anyway I think it make sense to reuse the leftovers in a meaningful way. One possibility is to organize camping places where people bring in their left foods and let a full-time cooker (experts) to decide how to make food from it. The cooked meal can be shared with all coming people then.



Keren Wang Mar 5, 2014

You might be right. But I think in order to change consumer behavior, one has to view everything from a very lazy point of view. "I don't have time, to join people so I can prepare my leftovers!" *throws into trash*.

Zenghuan Shan Mar 5, 2014

yes, what one approach to avoid leftover I can think of is to make the package smarter. For example for rice package, it can marks the position per eachy portion or use a clicker to release the amount of next portion (the idea is coming from the package of detergent)

Craig Watson Mar 7, 2014

Hi, thanks for the idea!

Some brands have this already, it's quite handy if the recipe is simple enough to not require loads more ingredients. Do you have any ideas on how to improve on existing solutions?

Nicolas Pierret Mar 11, 2014

As said before, it's quite usual to have recipe on the packaging. Maybe you could put it "in" it, in a concept of "communicating packaging". When placed in fridge or nearby your cooking workplace (sensor), it shows you few recipes, based on the food you have in your fridge and in your pantry.

Maybe check other posts where these ideas are discussed.