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Subscription in restraunt

One factor for generating wasted food in restraunt is that the the chief cannot estimate the guest number very well by ordering supplyment. When too few guests come, the food are just perished and have to be thrown away.

To conquer that, they should persuade the guests to buy a subscription (akonto) which is specially suitable for regular guests from close offices for business lunches. The benefits for these guests are:

. Reserved table for given period 
. Discount for frequent visit
. Chaneble menus for different working days

Following options can also be provided as Add-ons:

. Flexibility - When the guest doesn't appear on specific days, the prepaid lunch price will not be wasted, but can be used to invite a friend for a lunch together for next time.

. Transferability - The subscription can be transfered to other guest

. Upgradability - The subscription can be upgraded for dinner, big menu, speciality, etc. 

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