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Hôtels , restaurants ....

If we analyse the in and out of food into a restaurants or a Hotel we will notice that they throw the biggest part of this food, and this to keep the quality of their service, what if we creat some low quality restaurents(near) where they can use the leftover of the hotel/restaurent to sell it for a low price to other people.

Andy Lauper Mar 10, 2014

I like your idea.. I am going to expand it:

How about supermarkets/ grocery stores? They also waste a lot of food.. How about there would be a company or NGO, collecting all the expired food (fruits, vegetables, milk products, etc.) which can't be sold anymore either in supermarkets or restaurant, and brings them to as you mentioned low quality restaurants or to something like "Suppenküche", kitchen where homeless people can get food from (used everywhere in the world). So with that, the low quality restaurants or the "Suppenküche" can get the food very cheap or even for free instead of throwing everything away.
(Maybe this is already done in some countries...)

Nicolas Pierret Mar 10, 2014

It does already exist: http://www.banquealimentaire.org/

Craig Watson Mar 10, 2014


This seems to be similar to this idea: https://fuseboxepfl.crowdicity.com/post/39602 , do you agree?

If so, please move the discussion there, so we can avoid having two parallel discussions. Thanks!

Andy Lauper Mar 10, 2014

yes.. goes into the same direction.

Iliass TAHIRI Mar 10, 2014

Yes, that the idea Andy.