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It's clear that there is a problem with the space alocated for vegetation in the world.
Why not think of constructing skyscrapers with only one goal use the space in the floors to produce vegetables and fruits...
And the production will be incresed drasticaly.
In the construction we should consider how the sunlight is gonna reach the plants.
Design an intelligent water distribution system. In fact we really can optimize the use of water which is another severe problem.
I think that in the future there will be lack of water all over the world , and this rare ressource(in the future) will be the
main reason why food will stop being available for everyone.

Adriana Basbous Moukarzel Mar 18, 2014

Hello Iliass,

Your idea reminds me of a few posts about urban farming I saw earlier, one of which was judged as "Interesting" :


If you feel your idea completes that one you should go ahead and share it there : )
If not, please specify in what way your idea is different !

Iliass TAHIRI Mar 19, 2014

Okey, i didn't saw the other idea ) . So i'll just go there and post it , i see that both ideas are complementary.