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Eco house

Build a house as a mini eco system, to minimize waste and reduce pollution. E.g.

. Use solar panel to get energy from sunshine  (save energy). The gained energy can be used to pour water into garden.
. Collect water from rains.
. Use the warter discharges (kitchen, toilet) to plant the vegitables in the garden (can be planted on the house roof).
. Use food waste to feed fish in the pool (drying and granulate)
. The excretion of fishes can be used to soil the plants

The house should be constructed to help reuse the resource in a circulative way. That means, it only needs water and sunchine as input. And the output can be vegetable and fish food.



Nicolas Pierret May 12, 2014

This idea is quite similar to the "use your leftovers to heat your flat", but it looks wider.

So I give you this link, it's an architecture project where they designed the house as a living ecosystem, closing energy and resources loops!

Biowaste is given to pigs, pigs excrements are stored under the building, and decompose (producing methane for house and car, etc.


Blanche de Gramont May 13, 2014

Dear Zenghuan Shan,

Your idea is really great! could you tell us how different is it from the idea "Used leftovers to heat your flat"? Thank you

Zenghuan Shan May 17, 2014

The prinzip / goal is the same. That is to make the house supply itself. However, there are several differences regarding:

1. Which is the source: the input is only water and fish feedings.2. Which is the output: the fish and vegetables can be sold and used to finance (even attract investors for building such house to earn ROI)