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Usage of coffee grounds and tea leaves

According to following article, coffee grounds and tea leaves can be reused for some purposes:


. Soften Skin
. Please the flowers
. Sadden the ants



The questions are, how can inform people about these usages and persuade them to change their behaviors to minimize the waste?

Some ideas are:
. Lauch compaign on Facebook by coffee vendor  to let customer show the creative usage of coffee remaining.
. Print the ideas for recycling tips on the package
. Buit a ask&answer portal giving the daily life knowledge as "what can I do with XXX"

Mayu Takeiri May 12, 2014

I am surprised that there are many purposes of coffee grounds and tea leaves.
How about making the simple machine to make tablets of coffee grounds and/or tea leaves?

If the tablets can be used the several usages like in above URL, people will enjoy it and use them upon their own initiative :)

Yves Leterrier May 13, 2014

I like this idea Zenghuan, including your communication concept. Besides coffee ground and tea leaves, would you propose other specific food wastes, which could be reused, and for which purposes?

Blanche de Gramont May 14, 2014

Status changed to INTERESTING

Experts like this idea, which is great for itself but also for the communication dimension you mentionned. Could you define more applications (new materials,...)? Could we use other meterials? How could we motivate people and make them happy? 

Zenghuan Shan May 17, 2014

Tablets are are genious suggestions! Imagine the coffee machine manufacture transform the capselns to tablets, then the consumers dont have to dispose the plastic capselns anymore!

Other usable food rests and possible usages (found per internet) are:
.banana skin, peel/hull of fruits (anana, watermelon)  - cosmetics (masks)
.feather and bones(chicken/fish/pig) - clothes, making sugar, calcium powder ,carbon

Mayu Takeiri May 19, 2014

If we can reuse these waste described above, it would be sustainable.

On the other hands, the more compricalte process to separate wastes is required, the less people follow it.

Are there any idea to make the separating process easy, simple or interesting?