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Stop water leaks!

Drinkable tap water before arriving to your kitchen goes to lots of pipes, and there 1/3 of this actual water leaks to the ground! 1/3 !!

By changing the water network maintenance habits, we can drastically reduce this loss of water!

For more details cf. the movie "water makes money"

Nicolas Pierret May 15, 2014

Any specific idea about how to change that? Can you develop "changing the water network maintenance habits"?

francesco mazzilli May 15, 2014

I think changing the water network is a bit drastic but maybe checking the status of the pipe and then fixing or replacing them with reused materials.

Alexandre Gubert May 15, 2014

Yes that was what I meant. Actually in a lot of places, the tap water management is lead by what is called in french "PPP" : public-private partnerships, and these parnerships only last 20 or 30 years so it is more profitable for the companies to check way less the networks even if the leaks get bigger every year than to have a sustainable water management. 

By changing these PPP practises or by effecting more control on them, the drinkable water losses can be drastically reduced!

Alicia Gayout May 15, 2014

In Switzerland the network belongs to the "communes", and they are theoretically forced to do a "PGEE" (plan général d'évacuation des eaux) : it contains (among other things) all information about the pipe network, its condition, and when to replace the different sections. Perhaps this should be emulated.

Alexandre Gubert May 19, 2014

You are exactly right, the big problems comes frome the private short-term water management! The big solution is either to get the management back the the communes or too do long-term private contracts!

Alexandre Gubert May 19, 2014

And in a general way, every water management system should publish forced reports about the networks situation at least once a year.

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Zenghuan Shan May 17, 2014

Is it possible to add a device in the pipe  to differentiate the dip water and polluted water (e.g. through measure of the frequency of droped water). The dip water will be returned from sink to tap since it can be totally reused again.

Alexandre Gubert May 19, 2014

That could exist, and as in the post "reuse water for the toilets" this whould be very simple as the toilet water don't need to be drinkable, just garbage-free!