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Turn package boxes into Paper/Powder

Packaging is a useful marketing tool to sell 'clothed' goods. However, as soon as the goods are unpacked, they become useless and occupy the worthy space at home.

My idea is to develop a "intelligent rabish bin", which can use any of the following approaches:

. Smash the box / paper
. Grind
. Dissolve with water
. Burn

These should be done in a 'concealed' container for safety and enviroment protection purpose.

Finally the package boxes will be 'elimated' and the output may turn into some useful staff (paste, paper, powder) which need special procedures.

francesco mazzilli May 17, 2014

These are my comments, I can disagree with your idea at the moment. Maybe, if you update it, I can change my mind :-)

Smash the box/paper --> it is the same as recycling

dissolve with water --> the material must be biodegradable

burn --> pollution



Alicia Gayout May 18, 2014

I agree with Cesco, doing such processes at household scale is not environmentally-friendly at all (no economy of scale, no pollution control expensive state-of-the-art facilities...).

As for dissolution in water, the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) would not agree : if people pour this highly-charged water in the sewage system, it will be more costly (environmental impact & money)  for the WWTP to treat it (and therefore for you through taxes !). For instance, I met a WWTP supervisor that was quite unhappy about the new toilet paper tubes that can dissolve into water.

Alexandre Gubert May 19, 2014

Isn't it better to just recycle thoses packaging boxes?