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Use human energy as part of ergonomic design

My idea is related to 


possibly also


but  extend this to "office chairs" too. Using some ergonomic design to make some unbalanced parts to push the underlying person to move ((which is healthy too ). The vibration of the movement can generate power again to charge smart phone and desktop/bed light. Or design the car cusion this way, let the generated energy to heat the cusion again, forming a micro-sustanable ecosystem.

francesco mazzilli May 17, 2014

You posted twice the same link :-D

I guess in all related idea to energy harvesting, the point is always the same so How much energy can you recover and reuse it? Then, how you could further extent your idea?



Alicia Gayout May 18, 2014

I agree that sitting all day long is quite detrimental to our health and your device could allow us to avoid being completely immobile. But wouldn't be incomfortable too ? When you sit on your desk chair, would you agree to have to check your balance as if on a bicycle ? Or perhaps I have not well understood the description of your device.

Nicolas Pierret May 19, 2014

From what I understand, your idea is to make people change their immobile position on their seat, and the move they do will produce energy. But it sounds quite strange for me that you sacrifice comfort for energy, in order to gain such a low amount of energy: If someone change his position, it's because he feels uncomfortable!

I would rather make him so comfortable that he do not move, and we can collect as much as heat as possible (and by thiy way avoid excessive heat)!

Zenghuan Shan May 19, 2014

The unbalance surface is part of the ergonomic design (like balance ball is designed in the way to strengthen the muscle on back). It doesn't mean unstable.

Imagin there's a chair cusion with bubbles. When you move , the bubbles can be presse flat and generate energy (like "bubble pack"). It can be combined even with sound effect to move person to train the back during sitting.

Alexandre Gubert May 19, 2014

The idea of a chair that makes you move and strengthen your back for instance is good like for this type of chairs : http://www.archiexpo.fr/prod/varier/chaises-e...974-376265.html

but it seems difficult to extract energy from sitting, the energy would really be anecdotic..