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The Solar House That I Like

Solar architecture and renewable energy technologies shouldn`t be of interest for architects and engineers only. In fact, in order for these technologies to become successful and have a global impact they need to become appealing to the great majority. Not to mention that they should be constructional feasible and realistic in terms of pricing.

The yet close debate circles, could be broken by letting people chose their favorite solar house in their neighborhood. A website platform will let people spot, photograph and describe solar houses around town (maybe their own house). A voting system could be put in place and winners can be found and rewarded.

On one hand by reaching so many people this study will help raise awareness about renewable technologies. But most importantly, this sort of survey should offer valuable insight in what people of the world think a decent integration of solar technology is and what represents a good compromise between investment cost and resulting design. The winner houses can become study cases for what the constructed living environment should look like in a solar era, and be visited by architecture and engineering scholars.

The reference study was done in Romania and was focusing only on “pleasant” urban architecture.


Alicia Gayout Sep 24, 2014

Hey Bogdan, that sounds cool but two questions to start with:

- what is the incentive for people to post the articles about the houses, if it is not theirs ?

- are there enough solar houses ? Personally I hardly ever see any (the places I tend to live are never  sunny and rich enough at the same time...) - but now I should look for them ;-) 

Bogdan Cîrlugea Sep 24, 2014

Hi Alicia, 

- First of all there could be rewards for both the person that posted the entry and the actual owner of the house. This could also encourage their cooperation in order to propose a complete article.

- Having the solar mindset for a while, I keep seeing them around quite often. One statistic for instance, indicates that there are ½ million buildings that have integrated solar technology in UK (but considering the rates of growth the number could increase to 10 million by 2020). But, indeed this is a concerning aspect and has to be studied beforehand. If necessary the survey can be replicated at a larger scale country (vs city) level, facilitating the proposal of a bigger number of study cases.

Alicia Gayout Sep 25, 2014

Thanks for the precisions. Actually I've just been on the Romanian website and indeed it is very pleasant to navigate. Using the empty place on the right of the pictures to describe the house (area with solar panels, composting bins, organic vegetable plot, heating system...) would increase the interest and make the person that spots the house get in touch with the owner : is it what you were thinking about ?